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MI Business Matters

A Michigan Chamber Podcast

In each episode, a Michigan Chamber team member will sit down with a special guest(s) who are influential employers, policymakers and leaders in the community. We’ll discuss relevant and timely issues affecting our state’s job providers, economy, workforce and communities. We’ll help foster pragmatic problem-solving with civility as we explore the opportunities to protect, connect and strengthen Michigan businesses and build a stronger Michigan for all.

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Jim Holcomb, President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber, is joined by Kathryn Snorrason, Interim Chief Mobility Officer at the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, and Glenn Stevens, Executive Director of MICHauto, to gain insight from an industry perspective on the opportunities and challenges to retain Michigan’s automotive and next-generation mobility industries as well as an overview of the state’s perspective, efforts and the work ahead!

Amanda Toy, VP of Membership and Partnerships, discusses hot HR issues and trends along with tools that can help any business!

Joining her in this discussion are Amy Mulholland – Director of Learning & HR Compliance for the Michigan Chamber, John David Gardiner – Attorney and Employment Law/Workplace Specialist for Bodman Law, and Garry Straker – VP of Compensation Consulting for

Wendy Block, the Michigan Chamber’s Senior VP of Business Advocacy & Member Engagement, talks about the new political leadership and dynamic in Lansing! It’s been fairly fast and furious since lawmakers were sworn in and 2023 kicked off.

Joining her in this discussion are Adrian Hemond – Founder & CEO of Grassroots Midwest, Jenell Leonard – Owner of Marketing Resource Group (MRG), and John Sellek – Founder & CEO of Harbor Strategic.

Sara Wurfel, the Michigan Chamber’s Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, shares why civility and pragmatic problem solving are so important in moving Michigan forward!

Joining her in this discussion are Jim Holcomb – President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber, Rudy Hobbs (D), Partner at Michigan Legislative Consultants & Co-Director of the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP) at MSU, and lastly Tonya Schuitmaker (R), Attorney & Co-Director of the Michigan Political Leadership Program (MPLP) at MSU.

Mike Alaimo, the Michigan Chamber’s Director of Environmental and Energy Affairs and Infrastructure Policy Lead discusses an issue that’s top of mind right now and affects all Michiganders – and that’s fixing our darn roads!

Joining him in this discussion are Jim Holcomb – President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber – where this issue has been a long-time priority, Rob Coppersmith, EVP & VP of Membership Services at the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association (better known locally as MITA) – the organization made up the construction trades who help build and fix our state’s infrastructure and knows firsthand how bad our roads and bridges are, and lastly Maggie Pallone, VP at Public Sector Consultants – a nonpartisan public policy consulting firm known for its quality analysis and work who recently just unveiled a new report looking at our needs and funding solutions.

Wendy Block – Senior VP of Business Advocacy & Member Engagement at the Michigan Chamber, is joined by J.D. Collins – CEO & Director of the Michigan Small Business Development Center and Lorri Rishar – Owner & CEO of Edge Partnerships. They explore the massive impact small businesses play in our communities and economy, touch on the biggest trends/changes and challenges/opportunities facing small businesses now, and share some of the resources can help small businesses face these challenges!

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