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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series

This free-to-attend virtual series on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) seeks to encourage, support and educate. Through meaningful conversations and clear opportunities for action, participants will gain a better understanding of the business case for DE&I, hear unique perspectives and experiences as well as identify ways DE&I can help foster growth, innovation and resiliency.

  • Feb. 7 – Beyond Labels: Redefining Ability in the Workplace
    • Description: Stereotypes or outdated information and misconceptions may too often decisions when it comes to hiring (or not) those with disabilities in the workplace. How do we uncover these hidden talents and tap the disability community’s vast capabilities? This session will begin to help employers reshape perspectives and understand the resources and ways to harness this overlooked talent pool while also building a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Join us as we partner with the Disability Network of Michigan to discuss and discover how to make space thoughtfully and intentionally for this gifted sector of Michigan’s workforce.

  • June 12 – Cultivating Belonging: Embracing Uniqueness and Differences
    • Description: When developing a true culture of belonging is prioritized in the workplace it can lead to strong, resilient morale and decrease turnover rates with better employee retention, wellbeing and business innovation and outcomes. In fact, employees not having a sense of belonging is one of the three top reasons given for leaving a job. Dive in with us as we explore best practices and the ways to help foster this culture that respects and appreciates everyone’s uniqueness and that brings out their best at work.

  • Oct. 2 – The Path to Amplifying Allyship
    • Description: What is an ally? What does that mean in your workplace and for your workforce? Allies can play pivotal roles in shaping diverse and inclusive organizational cultures, but how does one become an ally for others in our day-to-day interactions and not letting fear of doing or saying the wrong thing paralyze our support or actions? This session will help create or round out a roadmap for fostering collaboration, understanding and respect whether you’re a seasoned advocate or just starting your allyship journey.

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