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Relief at the Pump: Updates and Advancements

Advocacy News – May 26, 2022 As the Michigan Chamber has previously reported, the Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer have both expressed interest in providing …

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Michigan Needs Childcare – The Legislature Is Answering

Advocacy News – May 26, 2022 As the need for quality, accessible and affordable childcare continues to negatively impact employees and employers of the Great …

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The Value of Belonging at Work; June DEI Series Tackles This Fundamental Issue

Advocacy News – May 26, 2022 With more focus and spending than ever on developing meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, companies and organizations are …

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High Energy Rates Prompt Businesses to Review Costs, Help Uncover Big Savings – Or Provide Peace of Mind

Advocacy News – May 26, 2022 As Michigan’s summer season approaches and temperatures steadily rise, what do your business or organization’s utility bills look like? …

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The Michigan Chamber Strives to Help Tackle Affordable Housing

Advocacy News – May 20, 2022 This week, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce signed onto a letter urging the Michigan House of Representatives move a …

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Addressing the Childcare Challenge for Businesses, Working Families

Advocacy News – May 20, 2022 Affordable childcare has become one of the most challenging issues facing working parents and contributing to the overarching workforce …

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