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Employment Law

Employment Law Handbook
– A Virtual Guide for Michigan Employers

Staying up to date with the latest state and federal labor changes and requirements is important to any business. Trust the MI Chamber with helping keep you compliant, protecting your organization from unneeded fines or regulatory concerns. With our 2023 Employment Law Handbook, you can save valuable time researching needed material.

The electronic handbook is brimming with the latest employment law information, including evolving workplace rules, remote work guidelines, as well as sample forms and policies and more. A table of contents and active hyperlinks allow for fast, easy searching. 

Compiled by trusted partners, the employment law experts at Miller Canfield, the Michigan Chamber offers this easy-to-use resource containing 22 comprehensive chapters broken into three core volumes: hiring and firing; compensation and benefits; and employer and employee protections.

For more regarding the Employment Law Handbook contact, Terese Mcinnis at or 517-371-7657.

Employment Law Assistance

Employment laws are complex and ever-changing, putting businesses at risk for huge financial penalties as a result of non-compliance. As a Michigan Chamber member, you can receive free information to protect your business and ensure compliance with current federal and state labor employment laws.

Members can depend on the Employment Law Assistance for access to information such as:

  • New and pending labor and employment laws and decisions which significantly impact your business;
  • Protecting your business against discrimination claims in such areas as sex, sexual harassment, race, handicap, age and others;
  • Dealing with drugs, alcohol and substance abuse testing in the workplace;
  • Maintaining a union-free workplace;
  • Avoid employee lawsuits;
  • Development of employee handbooks and policies;
  • Affirmative action programs;
  • Unions, union activity, collective bargaining and arbitration.

If your inquiry requires follow-up advice and counsel of an attorney, or if there are subsequent calls and/or conferences on the same topic as the initial call, a separate professional fee will be charged based on the attorney’s hourly rate. This legal work will be entirely at your option.

Members can contact the Employment Law Assistance by emailing

Michigan Chamber of Commerce reserves the right at any time to alter rules and charges governing the use of the Employment Law Assistance.