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Board and Staff

The Team

These are the people who carry out the Michigan Chamber’s mission to protect, connect and strengthen businesses and build a stronger Michigan for all. We’re committed to pragmatic problem solving, meaningful collaboration and being the most influential voice for business. No team works harder to listen, to understand and to get the job done.


The Michigan Chamber is guided by dozens of volunteer leaders who comprise our Board of Directors. These directors represent member employers of every size and industry from across the state.

Michael “Mike” Puerner, chief legal officer for Hastings Mutual Insurance Company, a regional property casualty insurance company based in Hastings, Mich, was elected to serve as chair of the 2024 Board of Directors. Puerner succeeds Kurtis Wilder, shareholder with Butzel and former Michigan Supreme Court Justice.

“It is an honor to help represent our state’s business community. The Michigan Chamber Board of Directors and team are laser focused on a range of issues that most impact our state’s job providers and building a resilient, thriving economy for all – from talent, education and workforce readiness to the tax and regulatory climate.”
Mike Puerner, 2024 MI Chamber Board Chair
Kurtis T. Wilder, 2023 MI Chamber Board Chair


President and CEO
(517) 371-7696
Chief Operating Officer
(517) 371-7639
Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy
(517) 371-7678
Vice President of Member Engagement
(517) 371-7674
Vice President of Membership and Partnerships
(517) 371-7642
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
(517) 371-7655


Director of Environmental and Energy Affairs
(517) 371-7673
Digital Media Specialist
(517) 371-7675
Business Solutions Executive
(517) 204-6413
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant
(517) 371-7682
Manager of Events
(517) 371-7646
Director of Marketing
(517) 371-7647
Senior Director Membership Information Services
(517) 371-7638
Senior Director of Member Services
(517) 371-7645
Staff Accountant
(517) 371-7685 ext 685
Senior Director of Membership Development
(517) 371-7677
Business Services Manager
(517) 371-7657
Affinity Account and Marketing Manager
(517) 371-7690
Director of Legislative Affairs
(517) 371-7669
Membership Associate
Vice President of Insurance Solutions
(517) 371-7692
Senior Affinity Account Manager
(517) 371-7695
Program Marketing Manager
Executive Assistant to the President
(517) 371-7664
Membership Project Manager
(517) 371-7670

The Michigan Chamber supports non-discriminatory hiring practices and encourages employers to be inclusive when making personnel and other employment decisions. The Chamber has not and does not discriminate in its hiring practices and supports diversity of its own staff and volunteers. The Chamber strongly believes that everyone who lives and works in our state should be treated with fairness and respect.