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MI Business Matters

A Michigan Chamber Podcast

In each episode, a Michigan Chamber team member will sit down with a special guest(s) who are influential employers, policymakers and leaders in the community. We’ll discuss relevant and timely issues affecting our state’s job providers, economy, workforce and communities. We’ll help foster pragmatic problem-solving with civility as we explore the opportunities to protect, connect and strengthen Michigan businesses and build a stronger Michigan for all.

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Jim Holcomb, president & CEO of the MI Chamber, is joined by Amy Rencher, senior VP of small business services for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Lillian Werbin, the new co-owner and president of Elderly Instruments – who also happens to be this year’s America’s Top Small Business. Together, they discuss a segment of industry that may be small in how they’re described, but one that truly makes a BIG impact every day in our state’s economy across every Michigan community for every Michigander – our state’s 900,000+ small businesses!

Jim Holcomb, president & CEO, is joined by Becky Burtka, VP of member engagement for the and Tess Ulrey of the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest MI to discuss an exciting new initiative that’s coming to Michigan in 2024 – the National Civics Bee!

Jim Holcomb, president & CEO of the Michigan Chamber, is joined Mike Alaimo, director of environmental and energy affairs for the Chamber, as well as Gary Melow, director of Michigan biomass and Caroline Liethen, director of environmental & regulatory policy for Michigan Manufacturers Association, to discuss Michigan’s energy policy. We’ll dive into what’s happening right now and what Michiganders should be aware of as well as the concerns with current proposals that could impact affordability, reliability and feasibility.

Jim Holcomb, President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber, dives into a brand-new report that studied a HUGE issue impacting Michigan’s workforce, employers and economy … a lack of access to affordable, quality childcare. A nearly $3 Billion impact annually. Joining him in the conversation are three special guests

Jim Holcomb, president & CEO of the Chamber, is joined by the Chamber’s Senior VP, Wendy Block, and their Director of Environmental and Energy Affairs, Mike Alaimo, to discuss a host of potentially damaging state policy proposals under consideration and a new collaborative effort to help bring diverse job providers and organizations together to help convey the unintended consequences of these efforts and ensure we’re growing our Great Lakes State.

Jim Holcomb, president & CEO of the Chamber, discusses a big issue affecting the state’s cannabis industry – a lack of access to common banking and financial services that all other legal industries have. Joining him in the discussion are Mike Elias, co-founder and CEO of Common Citizen — a Michigan-based cannabis company and Leah Robinson, director of legislative affairs and leadership programming at the Michigan Chamber — and lead on this particular policy issue.

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