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No-Fault Auto Reform

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Providing trustworthy, accurate information regarding no-fault auto reform.

Drivers in Michigan will have new choices related to their auto insurance coverage beginning July 2, 2020.  Drivers will be able to choose new levels of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Medical Coverage and determine the level of Bodily Injury Coverage that best protects them and their family.


If you are looking to reduce your auto insurance premium costs, we would recommend you talk to a licensed insurance agent and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of selecting benefit options for the new auto insurance coverage levels.  Many of the new coverage options hinge on whether a driver and his or her family members have “Qualified Health Coverage” (QHC).  Employers should expect to be on the receiving end of questions from employees about whether their health insurance benefit plan allows them to choose a level of PIP medical coverage other than unlimited and maximize their auto insurance savings.

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