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The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Northwood University Scholarship

New Freshman and Transfer Student Scholarship 

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Northwood University have a shared goal of strengthening Michigan’s business climate through effective leadership. As Northwood University develops future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society, the Michigan Chamber promotes conditions favorable to job creation and business growth in Michigan. Together, we both share in an entrepreneurial, free-enterprise society that recognizes individual freedom, limited government, and personal responsibility.

These interconnecting missions have led our two organizations to partner and share resources to educate future business leaders on Michigan’s business climate. This two-fold partnership offers a $1,000 tuition scholarship for eligible Northwood University students and a free student membership to all enrolled Northwood students.

Free Student Membership

Through this membership, all enrolled Northwood University students will receive regular e-communications about legislative, political and other news affecting the business community. They will keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the corporate world, so they hit the ground running when they enter it as leaders, managers or entrepreneurs.

Designed to Champion Leadership

As a result of this partnership between the two organizations, a $1,000 scholarship was created for eligible Northwood University students.  In addition to the scholarship, all enrolled students will receive a free membership to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. 

Do I Need to be a Full-time Student?

The scholarship will be offered to first-time Northwood University students who are full-time and living on the Midland campus.

Who Qualifies?

To qualify, applicants must be an employee – or the spouse/child of an employee – who works for a Michigan Chamber of Commerce Member in good standing (minimum $500 investment required).

Is the Scholarship Renewable?

This tuition scholarship is renewable annually as long as the recipient continues to meet the Michigan Chamber of Commerce membership qualifications and Northwood University's eligibility criteria of a cumulative 2.5 GPA and on-campus residency as a full-time student.

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