Why Join the Michigan Chamber?

There has never been a better time to engage with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to smart policies and strong leadership, Michigan is working again. And, the Michigan Chamber is on the job every day in Lansing, working to promote conditions favorable to job creation and business success, to keep Michigan moving forward.

By joining the Michigan Chamber, you will be afforded the opportunity to connect with other business leaders at networking events in Michigan, which in turn will provide you with the connections necessary to keep your business going strong. We invite you to take a moment and see how the Michigan Chamber has provided a return on investment for our members.

Membership in the Michigan Chamber ensures an investment in the following:

Business Advocacy: Rated the most effective advocacy organization in Michigan, we fight for all Michigan businesses. The constant call for increased taxes, frivolous spending, and increased regulation must be answered with an even stronger call for limited government, lower taxes and support for free enterprise. The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is on the job in Lansing so you can keep doing yours. Click for a list of issues we are working on for Michigan’s business owners.

Litigation Center: It is clear that there is a direct correlation between a state’s legal environment and its economic competitiveness. Our mission is simple; utilize the best and brightest lawyers to aggressively engage in precedent setting cases at both the state and federal level to champion the rights of Michigan’s job providers and strengthen our economy.

Endorsements: Every candidate campaigns as pro-business. But not every candidate legislates accordingly. The Michigan Chamber plays an aggressive role in ensuring pro-business lawmakers and rule of law judges are elected.

Join today because…

There is strength in numbers. The larger and more diverse our membership, the more powerful we are at our mission of promoting conditions favorable to job creation and business growth in Michigan.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has a wide variety of business resources available to our members that save time, save money, and provide answers to your questions from trusted advisors. You already belong…so make the decision to join with 6,500 other businesses today! Contact the Michigan Chamber of Commerce at our office in Lansing for more information on upcoming projects and networking events in Michigan.

Learn more about the variety of benefits available to you when you become a member. We have benefits to serve every member, of any size, in every county of the state.

Together we can make a difference. We look forward to serving you as a member!

We're on the job in Lansing, so you can keep doing yours.