Staff Directory

Executive Office

Richard K. Studley

President & CEO
PH: (517) 371-7671

Anita Lindsay

Executive Assistant & Operations Manager
PH: (517) 371-7671


Bob Thomas

Vice President of Operations; Executive Director, Michigan Chamber Foundation
PH: (517) 371-7639
Operations & Facilities, Foundation Programs, Local Chamber Programs, Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals (MACP)

Sue Garrity

Director, Information Systems & Technology
PH: (517) 371-7638
Information Services, Database Management

Linda McPhail

PH: (517) 371-7600
Meeting Room Rentals
Zebair, Segun

Segun Zubair

PH: (517) 371-7685

Brian Doyle

Director, Member Engagement & Chamber Advancement
PH: (517) 371-7654

Business Advocacy

Wendling, Yvonne

Yvonne Wendling

Administrative Assistant
PH: (517) 371-7664

Dan Papineau

Director, Tax Policy
PH: (517) 371-7669
Tax Policy

Jim Holcomb, JD

Senior Vice President & General Counsel
PH: (517) 371-7696
Legislative & Grassroots Political Action

Wendy Block

Senior Director, Health Policy, Human Resources & Business Advocacy
PH: (517) 371-7678
Health Care, Employment Relations/Labor, Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Legal Reform

Phil Guyeskey

Director, Political Finance
PH: (517) 371-7652
PAC Fundraising

Jason Geer

Director, Energy & Environmental Policy
PH: (517) 371-7673
Energy and the Environment

Marketing & Communications

Betty McNerney

Senior Director, Communications
PH: (517) 371-7663
Aimee Bahs

Aimee Bahs

Senior Director, Marketing
PH: (517) 371-7679
Hayes, Addie

Addie Hayes

Marketing & Communications Assistant & Graphic Designer
PH: (517) 371-7693


Lindsay Fulton

Lindsay Fulton

Director, Member Relations
PH: (517) 371-7691
Membership, Business Solutions Programs, Chamber Partnership Program

Rock Gervais

Manager, Membership Development
PH: (517) 371-7668
Chad Huson

Chad Huson

Manager, Membership Development
PH: (517) 371-7680

Matt Maher

Manager, Membership Development
PH: (517) 371-7677
Brad Westen

Brad Westen

Manager, Membership Development
PH: (517) 371-7676

Barry Robinson

Vice President, Chamber Services & Membership Development
PH: (517) 371-7674
Membership Development, Member Services

Ed Harney

Director, Member Service
PH: (517) 371-7645

Robert LaMacchia

Director, Member Service
PH: (517) 371-7684

Tammy Scott

Administrative Assistant
PH: (517) 371-7657

Chad Combs

Director, Member Service
PH: 517-371-7683

Chad Davis

Senior Manager, Membership Development
PH: (517) 371-7642

Business Solutions

Pickrell, Morgan

Morgan Pickrell

Sales Associate
PH: (517) 371-7690
Membership, Seminars, Webinars, Publications, Posters, Insurance, Business Solutions Programs, Certificates of Origin
Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly

Manager, Agent Solutions
PH: (517) 371-7641

Jamie Shawa

Account Manager
PH: (517) 371-7695

Christine Cassidy

Manager, Publication & Poster Sales
PH: 517-371-7646
Labor Law Posters, Publications, Salary Survey, Certificates of Origin

Jason Russell

Senior Director, Insurance Solutions
PH: (517) 371-7692

Tammy Smith

Manager, Training & Education
PH: (517) 371-7670
Seminars, Webinars, Certification Programs, Northwood University Partnership