5 Ways Job Applicants Try to Trick the System

Background checks on prospective employees are an important part of verifying applicants’ qualifications and identifying any legal or security risks that could be harmful to the company. Job applicants are generally honest when it comes to background checks, but some have found ways to get around these checks.

Here are five ways prospective employees might try to undermine the background check system to avoid revealing certain information that could prevent them from being hired.

Utilities Costs for Small Businesses in Michigan

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Part of a business’s overhead, utilities costs include water, sewage, trash service, telecommunications, electricity and other utilities that are required to run a small business. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly commercial electricity bill in Michigan is $641.50, and this figure doesn’t even account for other monthly business expenses. Fortunately, there are ways for your small business to cut back on overhead by reducing utilities costs through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s business savings programs. Contact us to learn more.

The Internet of Things Platform to Improve Energy Efficiencies

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Physical space and business dynamics of the workplace are changing. Employees demand flexibility and employers – looking to attract and retain the best workers – are deploying technological innovation to deliver improvements in the working environment. New expectations about working hours and space configuration challenge the norms of facilities maintenance (FM). Completely open floor plans, shifting peak periods of occupancy, and the necessity of uninterrupted connectivity change the rules for operating building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, security, and access.

Red Flags: What to Look for in an Interview

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Beyond basic “never dos” like showing up late and/or inebriated, wearing flip-flops, or not knowing anything about the organization or position, there are other ways candidates can derail their chances of advancing further.

Interviewers need to be aware of warning signs; spotting them quickly can prevent possible problems later.

These can include:

The Cost of Negligence in Hiring

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When hiring, it takes more than just checking a resume for previous job experience, education, and skills. You must also ensure that employees who are hired will not put other employees, customers, clients, or members of the general public, at risk while on the job. If an accident or incident does occur, employers are in danger of being accused of negligence in hiring practices. This legal accusation can end up being a very costly one for businesses.

Should You Pay For Employee Cell Phones?

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Investing in business technology is often a smart move, but should employee cell phone plans be a part of it? Modern service businesses rely heavily on mobile technology for dispatching, invoicing, and communication, but there’s a difference between buying a few tablets and giving your employees something they take home at the end of the day. If you’re looking to invest in your workforce or change how your employees use technology in the field, this guide is for you.