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Your Voice, Your Vote: MI Chamber’s Proposal 1 and Candidate Endorsements for the Nov. General Election

Advocacy News — Updated Nov. 1, 2022 

Michigan’s general election is less than a week away. Amid information overload and the new first-ever legislative districts under a redistricting overhaul, the Michigan Chamber has compiled, analyzed and produced a plethora of information to provide you with the most up-to-date resources for you to consider and vote confidently in your community and statewide.

The Chamber, after a vote from its Board of Directors representing member employers from across the state, endorsed Proposal 1 – Legislative Term Limits and Financial Disclosure – and is encouraging a YES vote. Read on for background and all the reasons why this proposal can help improve how state government works for Michigan residents, communities and businesses.

NOTE: There are other two other statewide ballot proposals on the Nov. 2022 general election ballot – Proposal 22-2/Promote the Vote and Proposal 22-3/Reproductive Freedom for All. The Michigan Chamber has not weighed in on either, but has compiled background information to help you assess these measures, including non-partisan analyses from the Citizens Research Council: Unsure About the 2022 Ballot Proposals? Here are Resources to Help.

Bipartisan endorsements were earned and made based on the candidates’ support or understanding of the issues and factors that most impact our state’s job providers and the importance of a resilient, thriving economy that builds a stronger Michigan for all.   

Our 2021-22 Job Provider Index Legislative Voting Record and Competitiveness Scorecard is also a valuable tool to discover how current legislators voted on important policies that affect businesses and job provides across the state. We hope you find this valuable as both a voter and a business leader. 

The candidates the Chamber has endorsed include (*denotes incumbent status): 



  • 1st Congressional District (CD) – Congressman Jack Bergman* (R)  
  • 2nd CD – Congressman John Moolenaar* (R) 
  • 4th CD – Congressman Bill Huizenga* (R) 
  • 5th CD – Congressman Tim Walberg* (R) 
  • 7th CD – Tom Barrett (R) 
  • 9th CD – Congresswoman Lisa McClain* (R) 
  • 10th CD – John James (R) 
  • 11th CD – Congresswoman Haley Stevens* (D) 

State Senate:  

  • 6th Senate District (SD) – Mary Cavanagh (D)  
  • 9th SD – Mike Webber (R)  
  • 11th SD – State Senator Mike MacDonald* (R)   
  • 12th SD– Pam Hornberger (R)  
  • 14th SD – Tim Golding (R)  
  • 16th SD – Joe Bellino (R) 
  • 18th SD – Thomas Albert (R)  
  • 20th SD – State Senator Aric Nesbitt* (R)   
  • 22nd SD – State Senator Lana Theis* (R)   
  • 23rd SD – State Senator Jim Runestad* (R)   
  • 24th SD – State Senator Ruth Johnson* (R)  
  • 25th SD – State Senator Dan Lauwers* (R)   
  • 26th SD – State Senator Kevin Daley* (R)   
  • 29th SD – Tommy Brann (R)  
  • 30th SD – State Senator Mark Huizenga* (R)   
  • 31st SD – State Senator Roger Victory* (R)  
  • 32nd SD – State Senator Jon Bumstead* (R)   
  • 33rd SD – State Senator Rick Outman* (R)   
  • 34th SD – Roger Hauck (R)  
  • 35th SD – Annette Glenn (R) 
  • 36th SD – Michele Hoitenga (R) 
  • 37th SD – John Damoose (R)  
  • 38th SD – State Senator Ed McBroom* (R)  

 State House:  

  • 2nd House District (HD) – State Representative Tullio Liberati, Jr.* (D)  
  • 4th HD – State Representative Karen Whitsett* (D)  
  • 10th HD – State Representative Joe Tate* (D)  
  • 21st HD – David Staudt (R)  
  • 25th HD – State Representative Kevin Coleman* (D)  
  • 27th HD – Bob Howey (R) 
  • 29th HD – State Representative Alex Garza* (D)  
  • 30th HD – William Bruck (R)  
  • 31st HD – Dale Biniecki (R) 
  • 34th HD – Dale Zorn (R)   
  • 35th HD – State Representative Andrew Fink* (R)  
  • 37th HD – State Representative Brad Paquette* (R)  
  • 38th HD – Kevin Whiteford (R)  
  • 39th HD – State Representative Pauline Wendzel* (R)  
  • 42nd HD – State Representative Matt Hall* (R)  
  • 44th HD – Dave Morgan (R) 
  • 45th HD – State Representative Sarah Lightner* (R)  
  • 46th HD – Kathy Schmaltz (R)  
  • 49th HD – State Representative Ann Bollin* (R)  
  • 50th HD – State Representative Robert Bezotte* (R)  
  • 52nd HD – State Representative Mike Harris* (R)  
  • 55th HD – State Representative Mark Tisdel* (R)  
  • 56th HD – Mark Gunn (R) 
  • 57th HD – Thomas Kuhn (R)  
  • 58th HD – State Representative Nate Shannon* (D)  
  • 59th HD – Doug Wozniak (R)  
  • 60th HD – Joseph Aragona (R)  
  • 61st HD – Mike Aiello (R) 
  • 63rd HD – Jay DeBoyer (R)  
  • 64th HD – State Representative Andrew Beeler* (R)  
  • 65th HD – Jaime Greene (R) 
  • 67th HD – State Representative Phil Green* (R)  
  • 68th HD – State Representative David Martin* (R)  
  • 71st HD – Brian BeGole (R) 
  • 72nd HD – State Representative Mike Mueller* (R)  
  • 73rd HD – Norm Shinkle (R) 
  • 76th HD – State Representative Angela Witwer* (D)  
  • 80th HD – Jeffrey Johnson (R) 
  • 81st HD – Lynn Afendoulis (R)  
  • 84th HD — Mike Milanowski, Jr. (R)  
  • 85th HD – State Representative Bradley Slagh* (R)  
  • 86th HD – Nancy DeBoer (R)  
  • 87th HD – Will Snyder (D)  
  • 88th HD – State Representative Greg VanWoerkom* (R)  
  • 89th HD – State Representative Luke Meerman* (R)  
  • 90th HD – State Representative Bryan Posthumus* (R)  
  • 91st HD – State Representative Pat Outman* (R)  
  • 92nd HD – Jerry Neyer (R) 
  • 93rd HD – State Representative Graham Filler* (R)  
  • 95th HD – Bill G. Schuette (R)  
  • 96th HD – State Representative Timothy Beson* (R)  
  • 97th HD – Matthew Bierlein (R) 
  • 100th HD – Tom Kunse (R)  
  • 102nd HD – Curt VanderWall (R)  
  • 103rd HD – State Representative Jack O’Malley* (R)  
  • 104th HD – State Representative John Roth* (R)  
  • 105th HD – State Representative Ken Borton* (R)  
  • 106th HD – Cam Cavitt (R)  
  • 110th HD – State Representative Gregory Markkanen* (R)  

  Michigan Supreme Court: 

  • Justice Brian K. Zahra* 
  • Paul Hudson 

Michigan Court of Appeals: 

  • Mike Warren 

To identify your voting location, generate a sample preview copy of your ballot or find other election information, visit the Michigan Voter Information System – MI SOS. 

Please contact Wendy Block, vice president of business advocacy and member engagement, with questions at