Liability for Businesses Choosing to Make Their Property Weapons Free

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Summary of Bill & What It Means to You

HB 4027 (Rep. Eisen):  Liability for Businesses Choosing to Make Their Property Weapons Free.  This legislation is aimed at requiring employers and other private property owners to lift their gun-free and weapons-free policies.  The bill specifies that property owners that entirely or partially designate their property as a gun-free or weapon-free zone would be responsible for the safety of an individual who enters the gun-free or weapon-free zone and make property owners liable for damages that result from injuries.

Chamber Position

OPPOSE:   While the Chamber acknowledges and respects the individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, we believe weapons policies should be a private property owner’s choice – not a decision mandated by state government.  We support the right of private property owners, including business owners, to exclude others from their property and control the use of their property. Employers need the flexibility to determine on a case-by-case basis whether to allow guns in their facilities and property or ban them altogether.  We believe individual choice and freedom should remain the rule of law in Michigan.

Bill Sponsors

This bill is a Job Killer

Primary Sponsor: State Rep Gary Eisen, District 81

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