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Business groups like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce say they support the current law, but are conceptually open to minor changes and providing more money for cleanups. “Environmental safety is a great thing,” said Michael Alaimo, the chamber’s director of environmental and energy affairs. But Michigan must be careful not to “negatively affect other priorities we have for the state, economic development being an important one of them.”

The alarming pace of anti-growth policy proposals now before the legislature has brought key business leaders together under the Great Lakes Growth (GLG) umbrella to create a unified and clear voice for Michigan’s job providers and workers to make Michigan a flourishing state with a growing economy and population.

The Michigan Chamber released the following statement in response to the Senate Labor Committee’s partisan vote advancing legislation to allow local units of government to adopt their own patchwork scheme of complicated new mandates governing employers’ relations with their employees, including wages, benefits and more (Senate Bill 171):