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The Michigan Chamber expressed extreme disappointment after the House Labor Committee jammed through a series of short-sighted proposals that would set the state backward today, from legislation repealing Michigan’s landmark Right to Work legislation (HB 4004-5) to action reinstating the state’s prevailing wage law (HB 4007). “The action by the House Labor Committee not only caves to union demands, but comes directly at the expense of workers, employers and taxpayers,” said Wendy Block, senior VP of business advocacy and member engagement for the Michigan Chamber.

Public Sector Consultants (PSC) released the Michigan Transportation Infrastructure Needs and Funding Solutions report today that found that Michigan faces a $3.9 billion annual funding shortfall to fix Michigan’s deteriorating roads and bridges. At a press conference Tuesday morning, leaders from Michigan’s road building industry and business community gathered to share their reactions to the new report.

“Michigan’s prosperity, competitiveness and quality of life depend on modern, reliable infrastructure,” said Jim Holcomb, President & CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. “This infrastructure is what connects us, allows our businesses and our economy to grow and thrive, and creates countless opportunities for our communities and families. The time is now for a bipartisan, long-term strategy with solutions and investments that improve our roads and bridges. We can’t afford to wait.”