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Through a series of Member Spotlights, the Michigan Chamber is showcasing some extraordinary members who were forced to retool, reimagine and reevaluate how they operated during unprecedented times.  Here is an example of how one member stepped up to help their Michigan neighbors save money and resources. 

Navigating Through The Storm

“Businesses are in trouble these days: the statewide lockdowns have devastated the once flourishing Michigan economy. Many companies have been forced to close, while others have retooled, re-imagined and reevaluated operating expenses,” stated Mike Harrington, president and CEO of Tenurgy.

Tenurgy, a Michigan-based utility expense management firm that reviews utility bills, recognized their services could be a game changer for struggling businesses.  With the desire to help other companies, Tenurgy turned to the Michigan Chamber.

Through the vast diverse network of members, the Michigan Chamber was able to connect Tenurgy with businesses looking to realize savings through managing their operating expenses.

Building Trust

“It first starts with an introduction. A chance to build trust. And when you have an organization like the Michigan Chamber making those introductions, you are starting off on solid ground.” said Harrington.

Needle In A Haystack

“We help businesses with significant expenses for utilities and/or telecommunications expenses, including natural gas, propane, electricity, water/sewer, trash removal and all aspects of voice and data, save money,” noted Harrington.

After the economic crash from COVID-19, Tenurgy services have been even more valuable.

Protect. Connect. Strengthen.

“We are in the business of protecting, connecting and strengthening member businesses,” says Rich Studley, president and CEO of the Michigan Chamber. “Tenurgy has been a member for over a decade. In many cases, [Tenurgy] finds where businesses can save members thousands of dollars just by reviewing operating expenses. We had members that were struggling due to the pandemic, so we connected them to Tenurgy.”

“Collectively, we have saved companies over $1,000,000 just by reviewing their utility bills. Without a doubt, the Michigan Chamber has been instrumental in connecting us with members that need our services… and quite frankly needed our help,” adds Harrington.

“Michigan has a ways to go, to navigate through the storm.  But working together, we can bring Michigan back stronger than ever,” said Studley.

Learn more about Tenurgy at the link below. 

Protect. Connect. Strengthen. Member Businesses.

What Does Tenurgy Do?

We all know that utilities are a top operating expense. Tenurgy provides utility bill audit services to help companies save money. The zero-risk process analyzes (and scrutinizes) utility expenses with little time and no out-of-pocket fees. It’s really that simple.

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Real Savings in Four Simple Steps

9 out of 10 Tenurgy clients save big on utilities and many receive utility refunds.

T Savings

1 - Discover

Clients complete a Letter of Authorization to allow the gathering of past invoices, billing history and utility usage.​


2 - Analyze

Tenurgy experts examine billing data, confirm accuracy and identify available savings.​


3 - Report

Once analysis is complete, Tenurgy provides a comprehensive audit report with saving and refund opportunities.


4 - Savings

Savings and refunds are at a client’s discretion. Tenurgy provides 36 months of monitoring to ensure that all adjustments remain in place.

Make the MI Chamber

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