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Summary of Bill & What It Means to You

HB 4047 (Beson):  Help For Struggling Businesses.  This $3.5 billion appropriation bill includes several provisions aimed at providing much-needed and direct relief to Michigan businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency.  The bill also includes appropriations for vaccines and to return kids to in-person learning.

Chamber Position

SUPPORT:  Help For Struggling Businesses.  This legislation would provide much-needed hope for job providers in danger of closing their doors forever.   Key programs include:  $150 million to the 100 percent employer funded Unemployment Trust Fund to cover fraudulently claimed benefits and making sure Michigan businesses are not on the hook for the $1.5 billion paid in fraudulent benefits since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic; $55 million in an unemployment tax holiday for companies unable to pay their unemployment tax bills; $300 million to provide direct relief to businesses in the form of a check from the Department of Treasury based on a business’s property tax or rent liability; $16.5 million to cover liquor license fees; $22 million to help businesses with local health department fees; and $22 million to cover penalty and interest for businesses unable to pay their summer 2020 property taxes.


Bill Sponsors

This bill is a Job Killer

Primary Sponsor: State Rep Timothy Beson, District 96

Additional Supporter
Thomas Albert, District 86; Jeff Yaroch, District 33

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