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Davenport University, Grand Rapids — Investing in Talent


Davenport University and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce have partnered to offer a Corporate Education Scholarship to ensure leading companies in the state have the resources they need to offer their employees educational benefits. This scholarship is a key differentiator for many employers who are looking to navigate Michigan’s growing talent gap and recruit and retain talent in a competitive hiring environment.

Through the partnership, Davenport University connects with Michigan businesses to assess where the current and future gaps are within their workforce. With each scholarship program, companies can enable their employees to fill identified gaps in expertise or talent by pursuing a degree or attending professional development courses at Davenport. By working together, Davenport University and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce have created a scholarship program that develops a skilled workforce, fostering growth and positive impacts for the companies within the state of Michigan. Learn more about the scholarship partnership and request information at https://www.michamber.com/davenport-university.


Three words come to mind when thinking about the importance of being a Michigan Chamber member: connections, knowledge, and advocacy. The Michigan Chamber connects Davenport University with other like-minded businesses and industries that helps facilitate our growth. The Chamber’s understanding of business issues in Michigan’s economy helps Davenport University navigate the ever-changing market. The Michigan Chamber understands our needs and business model, and by serving as a partner, we know our best interests are being represented and highlighted by the Chamber.

The value of being a member of the Michigan Chamber is it provides a platform to build and develop friendships with fellow community members. It is having a place to discuss openly the challenges taking place within the workforce and education. In these conversations we are able to listen, influence, and shape changes happening in the state. Through membership with the chamber, we are at the forefront of policies and are helping to impact and provide voice to businesses and higher education institutions within the state. 

More information on Davenport University can be found at https://www.davenport.edu/


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