Legislative Priorities

Legal Reform

Wendy Block

VP of Business Advocacy and Member Engagement

(517) 371-7678

Michigan has long been considered a leader in the national legal reform movement and must continue to work proactively to strengthen and improve the State’s legal climate.  We must protect the legal reform laws we have on the books and pursue common-sense reforms to protect job providers against frivolous lawsuits and excessive legal bills.


  • Oppose efforts to expand the types of abusive litigation claims that can be filed against Michigan job providers.
  • Protect and strengthen Michigan’s laws that provide balance pertaining to general tort, medical liability, consumer protection, products liability and recovery of attorney’s fees.
  • Support retaining Michigan’s 2019 cost-saving auto insurance reforms, including the provisions that give drivers a choice in the level of medical coverage they purchase and the creation of a medical fee schedule, which reins-in overcharging by medical providers.