Chamber PAC

Helping to Defend and Elect Pro-Business Lawmakers and Policies

Since 1959, the Michigan Chamber has been a leader in business advocacy and remains committed to playing a constructive role in shaping our state’s future. The Michigan Chamber has a long tradition of standing up for job providers in our state; and in 1977, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed to actively support candidates who are pro-business.

The Michigan Chamber PAC is one of the most effective political action programs in the nation. Ranked 15th among Michigan’s top 150 PACs, the Michigan Chamber PAC is a leader and the voice of businesses, unafraid to take on the powerful Michigan Education Association (MEA), United Auto Workers (UAW), the AFL-CIO and personal injury lawyers. Chamber PAC is also one of the largest chamber PACs in the country.

Achieving Political Clout

The strong support of members has made the Michigan Chamber a major factor at the ballot box by backing candidates who back business; candidates who not only say they want to move Michigan forward, but actually act to make it happen, all the while protecting our system of free enterprise.

The organization’s most effective tools are candidate support and endorsements from the Michigan Chamber PAC and educational issue advocacy campaigns.

Backing Candidates Who Share Our Beliefs

Over the years, the Michigan Chamber PAC has aggressively helped to change Michigan politics by raising our members’ collective voice to pack a powerful political punch. Acting as your staff, the Michigan Chamber PAC studies races, looks at candidates’ past voting records and interviews candidates.  We support candidates who not only say they want to move Michigan forward but act to make it happen.

Michigan Chamber PACs

The Michigan Chamber operates three different PACs in order to have the most influence on elections and ballot initiatives. Contributions made to Michigan Chamber PACs are not eligible for charitable deductions for tax returns.

Michigan Chamber PAC I - donate now
Michigan Chamber PAC I is focused on supporting candidates for elected office by making direct contributions to individual campaigns. This financial support is made possible through donations of personal funds by Chamber members. 

Michigan Chamber PAC II - donate now
Michigan Chamber PAC II accepts corporate dollars and is used for education and advocacy on ballot questions. 

Michigan Chamber PAC III - donate now
Michigan Chamber PAC III accepts corporate dollars for direct political advocacy in support or opposition to candidates. 

Michigan Chamber PAC Matters

As the Michigan Chamber works to promote conditions favorable to job creation and business growth, we recognize that it starts with who is elected to serve in office. Michigan Chamber PAC has a direct impact on elections in Michigan and that’s why the involvement of Michigan Chamber members is so critical, not only for the success of Michigan Chamber PAC, but for our state. Unfortunately elections have become more expensive because labor unions actively raise money all across the state to defeat pro-reform, pro-business lawmakers. It is up to us to stand in defense of lawmakers and potential lawmakers who share our vision to move Michigan forward. Michigan Chamber PAC’s success is rooted in member involvement.

Contribute Today

For more information on how you can support the Michigan Chamber PAC, please contact Brad Hantler at 517-371-7640 or

Golf Outing

This annual event is typically held in June in the Lansing area at a premiere golf course to provide a networking opportunity for Chamber members and lawmakers and raise funds for PAC II. Contact Brad Hantler at 517-371-7640 or for details.