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Utility Savings

Utility Bill Review

The Michigan Chamber offers to connect members to a program to help manage and significantly reduce their utility and telecommunication costs with real savings, refunds and credits.


MI Chamber partner, Tenurgy, will perform a thorough analysis of your utility billing, to investigate potential billing errors, recover overpayments, and discover, negotiate and activate future savings opportunities for you.


  • Findings often lead to significant financial recovery on past over-charges as well as monthly savings opportunities going forward.
  • No upfront fees. Income is based on refunds, credits and/or savings you receive.
  • No obligation. None of the findings are mandated, so you tell them what to activate.
  • 90% of customers save money, so the risk is low and the reward could be significant.
  • Ideal for organizations with an annual utility spend of $50,000 or more.


  1. Gather one month of all utility bills — gas, electric, water, sewer, waste removal, voice/data, cellular, internet.
  2. Contact David Brownback, business solutions executive, at 517-371-7689 or
  3. Learn more about the program with this additional resource.
  4. Discover how much your company can save with a utility bill review by using the Michigan Chamber Utility Bill Review Calculator.