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Stormy Kromer

If it can be sewn, we can sew it.

Nestled in the Upper Peninsula, 9.5 hours outside of Lansing, you’ll find a family-owned factory that has invented the iconic, Stormy Kromer cap that has warmed hardworking Midwesterners since 1903.

Gina Thorsen, president of Stormy Kromer and daughter of CEO, Bob Jacquart, shares what gives Stormy Kromer its sweet spot. “At the heart of Stormy Kromer is our hardworking team. They’re bright, committed, fun and they tend to stick around.”

“We really try to understand each person and find the right fit for them here. If you want to work with us, but don’t know how to sew, we’ll teach you.”

One Common Thread

Michigan Chamber membership has a reach far and wide and there is one common thread that connects all Michiganders. “We all feel the effects of what happens at our capitol, which is why we value the Chamber’s connections to Michigan politics and business news,” says Thorsen. 

“Especially being on the western end of the U.P., most of our media comes from Wisconsin. Michigan political news is almost nonexistent. Having organizations like the Chamber that can provide that information is great. The distance makes you feel disconnected so having resources that can get the information to us, that is quick, important and relevant to my business is really important.”

With our advocacy communications, like the MI Chamber News, you won’t miss a single update and can rest assured that our staff is fighting on your behalf. 

Protect. Connect. Strengthen.

The Michigan Chamber provides great programming for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In our organization parts of that, that are just inherent in the way we treat people and in our culture and our values, but really having a focus on it and understanding some of the issues and how they are applicable to us.

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