Legislative Priorities

Health Care

Wendy Block

Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy

(517) 371-7678

Rising health care costs continue to be a significant financial threat to Michigan’s businesses. Policymakers should avoid implementing costly state and federal health insurance mandates and other plan design restrictions and instead focus on implementing market-friendly, consumer-driven reforms that will enable job providers and individuals to purchase affordable coverage in the private health insurance marketplace.


  • Support efforts to preserve Michigan’s private health insurance marketplace and oppose efforts to launch a government-run or single-payer system.
  • Support state and federal efforts that enable employers to provide cost-effective and affordable health care benefits while opposing efforts to impose one-size-fits-all health insurance mandates and/or limit the use of utilization management tools.
  • Support efforts to require providers to disclose meaningful cost and quality information, so all patients can make well-informed health care decisions.