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Unemployment Insurance Assistance

Working through Michigan’s unemployment insurance system is not an easy task for employers and trying to get answers to your questions is often an exhausting process.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce can assist you with this complicated process and help you to reduce and control your unemployment costs, through a three-tiered approach:

  • Advisory Assistance – complimentary access to unemployment specialists for critical questions
  • Procedural Consulting – assistance with employment policies, procedures and practices related to unemployment claims
  • Benefits Administration – management of your entire unemployment insurance process

Get Assistance in these Areas:

  • Claims Administration: We take the paperwork out of your hands and set up computerized tracking to monitor your activity and pinpoint claims by job classification, department or location within your organization.
  • Fight Claims: We routinely protest benefits that should not be allowed, which frequently leads to a hearing facilitated by an administrative law judge. We work with you to assure the best possible presentation of facts.
  • Charge Benefits Auditing: If benefits are denied, your account should not be charged. We monitor claims disqualifications to assure that state agencies do not charge your account erroneously – which, by our records, happens in roughly 15-20% of all unemployment claims.
  • Employment Practice Consulting: We thoroughly review policies, handbooks, and disciplinary practices, looking for language or practices that may allow claims to be paid, and provide alternatives for you to consider.
  • Pre-Termination Consulting: Employers have lost appeals because they did not think the process through before terminating an employee. We can help determine if you have enough documentation to support a winning determination and improve your termination practices.
  • Regulations Compliance: We remain involved with both state and federal legislative changes to protect the business community from ill-advised legislative action and keep you well-informed.
  • Tax Projections: We project the tax rates while auditing client tax records against state records, to protect you from underpaying the SUTA for the weeks and months before the state announces the tax rate, thus preventing you from making up the difference plus interest.
  • Unemployment Tax Rate Verification: An unemployment tax rate is controllable and based on historical payroll and claims data. Rates should be verified annually.

Why F.A.R?

Because they successfully advocate for you and they save you money:

  • A manufacturing company hadn’t won an unemployment hearing in four years, until they retained F.A.R. Management. Their current win rate is 90%.
  • A large employer saved $650,000 in unemployment benefit costs in one year.
  • A staffing company saved more than $180,000 in unemployment taxes when F.A.R. Management’s efforts reduced their tax rate from 9.0% to 1.8% over a 5-year period.
  • A fast food franchisee increased its taxable payroll by $1,000,000 – but with F.A.R. Management’s assistance, the franchise unemployment taxes decreased by $40,000.
  • An agricultural company saved more than $90,000 over a 5-year period, when their unemployment tax rate was reduced from 7.0% to 3.2%.

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