Legislative Priorities

Tax Climate

Michigan job providers contribute substantially to state and local government, paying just under $14 billion a year in state and local taxes, according to a recent report compiled by the Anderson Economic Group. Michigan has also made significant improvements to its business tax climate and must continue to do so to stay economically competitive for jobs and investment. Protecting and building on past reforms will continue to promote Michigan’s fiscal health. By fully eliminating the personal property tax for all taxpayers, Michigan can once and for all end a tax that disincentivizes capital investment. Ensuring the state-level administration of taxes continues to be customer-friendly and centered on compliance, as opposed to maximizing revenue collection, is vitally important. Michigan should also continue to be a leader in maintaining a flat-rate state income tax.


  • Oppose efforts to expand or increase Michigan’s Corporate and Personal Income taxes, including imposition of a graduated income tax.
  • Oppose expansion of Sales and Use taxes and/or local excise taxes.
  • Complete personal property tax relief to all taxpayers.
  • Preserve Michigan’s longstanding property valuation methodologies.
  • Hold the State Treasury Department accountable to be transparent, customer service-oriented and fair.

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