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For the most up-to-date Michigan labor law posters and employment law guides, Michigan businesses trust in the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in Lansing, MI. Learn how we can serve you.

Labor Law Posters

$49.00 first-time customers
$29.00 renewal rate within 12 months for returning customers

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce consolidates all of the mandatory state and federal notices in their required sizes on four 18x24 attractively printed and laminated sheets.

Thousands of Michigan companies trust the Michigan Chamber for their labor law poster needs. Order online or call 1-888-763-0514 (option 1). Volume discounts are available for ten or more poster sets.

Special Bonus: Your annual payment keeps you current and compliant for one full year. As a valued customer of the Michigan Chamber, we will notify you of any changes to the posters for a 12-month period. While other vendors require you to buy a complete group of new posters with each change, we provide you with a PDF copy of the change for you to print and place on your current poster!


Industry-Specific / Optional Labor Law Posters

1. Federal Contractor Workers Poster (24x18) = $25 each
2. Agricultural Workers Poster (English/Spanish) (18x24) = $15 each
3. HIPAA Poster (24x18) = $15 each
4. Freedom to Work in the Public Sector Poster (8.5x12) = $9 each
5. Freedom to Work in the Private Sector Poster (8.5x12) = $9 each
6. No Smoking Poster (5.5x4.25) = $5 each

Out-of-State Labor Law Posters


Human Resource Guides

2015 ELH CoverEmployment Law Handbook - 2015 Edition

Printed or Electronic Edition

$149 MI Chamber Members / $199 Non-Members

Known as "The HR Bible" for Michigan and federal labor and employment law, many HR managers consider this guide for Michigan employers their #1 defense against costly lawsuits. This 440-page, 20-chapter guide covers topics from pre-employment policies, diversity initiatives and discrimination issues to wage and hour issues, social media in the workplace and unemployment benefits.

Employee Electronic Use Guide CoverManage Employee Electronic Use Guide - 1st Edition

Printed or Electronic Edition

$79 MI Chamber Members / $99 Non-Members

Despite repeated warnings and reports about data breaches, employers continue to fail miserably when it comes to protecting confidential employee data and corporate information from their #1 threat: their own employees. This guide will help you understand why your employees may represent the greatest threat to your sensitive corporate data, tools you can use to protect your data, what rights you have to monitor employee use of computers and electronic devices, how to conduct computer forensics and employee investigations, ways to counsel and discipline employees who misuse corporate electronics, and minimizing your liability.

Guide for Employee Handbook Policies CoverGuide for Employee Handbook Policies - 4th Edition

Printed or Electronic Edition

$129 MI Chamber Members / $149 Non-Members

This compilation of employment policies is designed to identify topics appropriate for inclusion in employee handbooks, personnel policy books or similar manuals. Each section contains explanations and guidelines for specific policies, as well as sample policy language that can be used to create a company-specific employee handbook. The CD at the back of the book contains each of the policies as a separate file so you can choose those that suit your needs.

HR Essentials Guide CoverHR Essentials Guide: From Hiring to Termination - 5th Edition

Electronic Edition (printed edition is sold out)

$129 MI Chamber Members / $149 Non-Members

This guide is your complete source for step-by-step instruction through the HR  recordkeeping process. Also included is a CD (electronic forms) that provides you with over 50 forms and letters to help keep your HR Department running smoothly.

Unemployment Insurance Guide CoverUnemployment Insurance Guide- 2nd Edition

Printed or Electronic Edition

$79 MI Chamber Members / $99 Non-Members

Virtually all employers are subject to unemployment insurance taxes under the Michigan Employment Security Act and these unemployment insurance issues pose bigger dangers for employers than many other HR challenges because they're tax liabilities and they reduce your profits. This second edition includes all the changes that took effect January 2012 and provides you with the tools you need to understand Michigan's complicated unemployment insurance system and how to minimize your costs and exposures.

Chamber Compliance Center Screen ShotChamber Compliance Center - Online Resource

Online Resource

Free MI Chamber Members / $149 Non-Members

This site is designed as a portal for information regarding employment law, tax policy, and environmental, health and safety laws. For each of these three categories you will find tools and resources, a list of agencies that govern these laws, the major laws that apply and the latest news. Learn what training, publications and services are available, find a list of forms, checklists and templates, read relevant articles, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions and more!