Young Entrepreneurs Academy Participant Opportunities

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a yearlong program that educates middle and high school students in a course of project-based, hands-on entrepreneurial education. 

The program teaches students about entrepreneurship by teaching them how to write a business plan, pitch to potential investors, obtain funding, and then launch their company or social movement. All of the learning is real and experiential. 

Here's how you can get involved: 

Be a Guest Speaker 

Guest speakers share their expertise with the class. They speak to the Young Entrepreneurs about their business, specific areas of knowledge, or entrepreneurial experiences (30-60 minute time commitment). Guest speakers include: Accountant Speaker, Insurance Speaker, Attorney Speaker, Niche Marketing Speaker, E-Commerce Speaker, Designation & Award Speaker, Taxes & Business Speaker, Social Entrepreneur Speaker, Banking Partner Speaker, Government Resource Speaker and Sales Speaker.

Other Ways You Can Contribute:

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers meet with students and produce business literature for student run businesses, including business cards, brochures, letterhead, and any other marketing materials appropriate for each enterprise. (Time commitment varies; approximately 5-10 hours design time)

Web Developers

Many student businesses offer on-line resources or shopping. Web developers assist in the development of these websites, in addition to helping the YEA! class understand the process and importance of web creation. (Time commitment varies; approximately 10-20 hours development time)

Business Mentor 

Mentors work with Young Entrepreneurs Academy student businesses to assist in the creation of their business plans.  For six weeks, mentors provide guidance and feedback as students think through all aspects of their business creation, write their business plans, and prepare their Investor Panel presentations (one class visit per week for 7 weeks).

Field Trips

Students explore local businesses and understand how different enterprises work by touring local businesses and meeting with business professionals. These behind-the-scenes looks help students understand business structures, development and growth.  (Field trip host provides overview from the business owner and tour of business. May provide refreshments or takeaways. Time commitment varies)

YEA! Investor Panelists

Students receive start-up capital through the generous donations of YEA! Investor Panelists. YEA! Investors receive an annual investor report, as well as special invitations to the YEA! Trade Show. (Investors provide a financial contribution and four hours of time during the Investor Panel event).

If you would like to be part of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy at Northwood University in Lansing, contact Anita Lindsay at (517) 371-7671 or