Write for Results

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We all need to write well. But if you hate to write or simply don’t do it all that well or effectively, it can hold you back at work and add unnecessary stress to your workday. Join us for this brand new, special one-day course to completely change how you think about writing and get tools and tips for communicating your message properly and professionally.

By attending this course, you will gain confidence in your writing, craft documents more easily and actually get responses to your emails. So, don’t miss this opportunity to learn 30-plus great writing techniques and be on your way to ridding yourself of writing anxiety!


Grammar, Grammar, Grammar

  • Play Laura’s Grammar Walk of Shame Game and identify errors (all names have been removed to protect the guilty – please bring tissues because you may laugh so hard you’ll cry).
  • Author accurate technical reports and express significant digits correctly.
  • Did your teacher tell you to put in a comma wherever you would take a breath? Stop breathing so you stop creating comma splices and run-on sentences!
  • Quit saying please contact Joe or myself because the more you try to sound smart, the dumber you sound. Laura will teach you the right way to use reflexive pronouns, and you won’t even realize it is a grammar lesson.
  • When asked how you are, should you say well or good? The answer might surprise you!
  • Is it who or whom? Know which one to use every single time!
  • To avoid specifying gender, avoid singular usage. They are people, but an employee or worker or child is a he or she. Learn to phrase things so the pronouns agree with the verbs.
  • Those who use i.e. or e.g. need to stop now, unless they know the Latin meanings of the abbreviations.
  • Are you affected by problems with words so the effect is that you’re afraid to write? Laura can teach you a memory trick for nearly every commonly confused word pair.

Managing Perceptions

  • Does saying what you mean aggravate others? Learn to do it without creating hard feelings.
  • People will compliment you when your writing complements your skills!
  • Are you using dots and dashes to express your thoughts? Your professionalism is probably suffering from quotation mark abuse, too.

Getting Results

  • Write for results using reading stats and play a fun fog game.
  • Make your subject lines effective so people open your emails and respond.
  • Is your calendar empty but your inbox full? Learn how to turn your emails into appointments.
  • Use voting buttons instead of vague questions to coworkers.

Tech Tips

  • Has spell checker caused you problems? Ask Laura why she doesn’t use her married name, Moran, in business! Laura can teach you how to prevent common oddities caused by Microsoft.
  • Do you have to make PowerPoint presentations? Laura will teach you the one-click method of storing info and generating emails or PowerPoints from a simple list in Outlook.
  • Prevent tree deaths for sticky memos because you won’t need yellow notes any longer.

Laura SimmsLaura Simms, SHRM-CP, is the risk and safety specialist for CoStaff Services. She spent 30 years in the electrical industry, wrote 21 electrical textbooks, and published several technical articles. She’s funny and practical. Her classes are based on real-life business examples and every session is exciting, effective, and interesting.


“This is my second training with her and I will seek out more that she is doing. Her style of training is what I prefer and I find her training content helpful.” – Brandy Ryan, Michigan Dental Association

“Laura is a great speaker. She keeps it very interesting. Not only would I love to come to more of her seminars, I would highly recommend her to anyone I believe needs training.” – Teresa Samdal, S. Group Automotive, Ltd.

“Laura is an excellent presenter. She does a great job interacting with her audience and knows the material that she is presenting. I would like to attend other seminars that she presents.” – Tim Armstrong, Life EMS Ambulance, Inc.

“Laura Simms kept me interested from start to finish. She showed me a different way to approach different situations. After taking her seminar I feel more confident with the position I hold at the company I work for.” – Robert Green, Knight Carbide, Inc.