What's the Secret for Finding Good People?

April 27, 2017

YOU impact hiring the most, so it’s important to determine if you and your company are set up to attract and keep good people. If they visited you right now, would they be impressed? Could they visualize their future with you? Would they brag about your organization with others and wait by the phone in anticipation…or not? 

To find and keep good people, we can take inventory to determine if we are set up to attract these individuals. Here is a sample of some of the questions you can ask yourself: 

  • How do you treat your employees? Do you treat them like an employee or like someone that you trust? 
  • How much training do you offer them? Do you pay? 
  • How involved are you with their work and plan? How frequently? 
  • Do they get “face time” with you on a regular basis? How often? 
  • Do you encourage failure and learning or do you get uptight when they take chances? 
  • Do you have goals that they understand and that they have a part in? Are the goals clearly defined? 
  • Do you invest in them, in terms of programs that will better them both professionally AND personally? 
  • What does your office look like? Do they want to spend 10-12 hours per day there? 

From top to bottom, “good people” want to work in a healthy, supportive environment where they feel like they are making a difference. They want to be proud to say they work there. When they talk about work over the weekends, they want to brag and tell great stories about the people and place that they are at all week. Do they get that from you and your organization? 

Contributed by Kirk Armstrong of Armstrong Sales Coaching.  

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