What Is an Informational Interview Anyway?

August 29, 2016

There are first interviews, second interviews, phone interviews, lunch interviews, and group interviews; all of which have purposes and best practices. And then there's the bedrock interview of job searching: the informational one. Too bad so few people actually know its purpose or protocol.

"Informational interviews are very underutilized," says Hallie Crawford, a certified career coach and the founder of the career coaching service Create Your Own Career Path. "People don't know about them and they don't use them. College graduates are better about using them because their career centers encourage it. But I would say that only 50 percent of the time do my clients know what I'm talking about when I suggest them."

So how do you seek one out? Whom should you interview and what questions should you ask? What should you wear and how should you follow up? This rundown helps clear up the most-asked questions regarding informational interviews.

View the full article by the U.S. News for more information on informational interviews.

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