We Need Your Feedback! Snyder Administration Pursuing New Lead Standards

June 5, 2017

The Michigan Chamber has been contacted by MIOSHA about proposed changes to the workplace blood levels for lead. MIOSHA plans to initiate a process to modify the occupational lead standards for general industry and construction this summer and is soliciting feedback from the Michigan Chamber on their draft proposal.

While the draft proposal makes a number of changes to the blood level thresholds, the most significant is the requirement that an employer must remove an employee from work who has an exposure to lead at or above 30 micrograms (μg) per deciliter (dl) of whole blood (30 μg/d). The current level is 60 micrograms per 100 grams (60 μg/100 g). It is important to note that, unlike previous efforts and efforts in other states, the agency is not proposing to change any of the lead in air limits or introduce an activity trigger.

Please review the attached draft for general industry and construction and reply to Wendy Block, Senior Director of Health Policy, Human Resources & Business Advocacy, with any comments you may regarding these drafts. She can be reached at wblock@michamber.com or (517) 371-7678.