Utilizing Assessment Tools for Hiring

November 30, 2016

Once you have conducted your interviews and narrowed it down to your top candidates, it is now time to choose between these top candidates. Many organizations choose to do assessments to help them make this final decision.

There are several different types of tests available; personality, cognitive, biographical, integrity, job knowledge, physical ability, work samples and simulations, reference and background checks. The right assessment tool can also provide information about how well a candidate can handle the tasks associated with the position.

It is important that you don’t just dive-in head first! You must address a couple of challenges first before selecting and implementing assessment tools.

  1. The first challenge is to understand what type of behavior prediction you are trying to assess. If you are looking to avoid specific behavior such as employee theft, for instance, you may want to do a criminal background check or an integrity test. If you are looking to hire a top-notch sales person you may want to conduct a personality assessment to determine if they have the desired personality traits for sales success.
  2. The second challenge is integrating assessments into your recruitment process. Assessments are not infallible or cure-all solutions. An assessment should be only part of the overall evaluation of a candidate and cannot replace other parts of the recruitment process. They should be utilized to strengthen and sharpen your overall understanding of a candidate. Your interviews with the candidate and previous employment history should be weighted equally with the assessments.

Assessments can be a remarkable tool when used wisely. Many assessment tools can help to effectively predict future candidate performance, but choose your tools carefully. Assessment tools can have a big impact on the person you ultimately choose to hire, so choosing the right mix for your organization is key!

Contributed by Debbie Lockwood, HR Business Partner, HR Collaborative, LLC.

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