Utility Savings Law

In addition to the Michigan Chamber’s two phenomenal programs, which can help reduce your commercial utility, lighting and telecom costs, businesses can also take advantage of the benefits established by Public Act 295 of 2008. Under this law, Michigan regulated that utilities and municipalities are required to file prospective energy optimization plans with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) that are designed to reduce future energy costs for consumers. Thus, your commercial enterprise may be able to lower its overhead while shrinking its environmental impact with special rebates and incentives available through your electric or gas service provider.

How Does The 2008 Law Affect My Company?

In 2008, the Michigan legislature passed Public Act 295, which requires all Michigan gas and electric utilities to offer energy-saving programs. In addition, service providers must also set energy-saving goals that increase over time. This equates to additional savings for your commercial workplace. Not only do energy-efficient utilities cut down on your monthly utility costs, but they may also qualify you for supplementary incentives available through your gas and/or electric provider.

What Types Of Incentives Are Available?

The following are examples of possible energy rebates and incentives that may be available through your Michigan service provider:

  • Rebates on lighting, HVAC and food service equipment
  • Prescriptive and custom rebates for variable-speed drives and compressed air measures
  • Interruptible rates on electricity
  • Rebates on grid-tied, net-metered solar photovoltaic systems

Be sure to check with your utility service provider for a complete list of incentives tailored to your commercial workplace.

Become An Integral Part Of Michigan’s Energy-Efficient Future

According to Mighigan.gov, for every $1 spent on energy-efficiency programs, consumers will save, on average, $3 in avoided energy costs. To learn more about services available to your commercial enterprise, contact the Michigan Chamber of Commerce via phone or online form, or get in touch with your gas and/or electric service provider.