Utility Choices for Michigan Businesses

Electricity meter
June 15, 2016

Michigan’s robust and diverse energy utility infrastructure gives businesses confidence they will have the access and reliability they demand at an affordable cost.

Electricity and Power Generation

Reliability and electric cost are key to industrial businesses today. Michigan prices are approximately at the national average. Powered today primarily by coal, natural gas and nuclear, but increasingly with alternative energy sources, Michigan companies enjoy reliability and price stability because of this mix of fuel sources and accelerated investments made in our transmission grid.

Natural Gas

Michigan's natural gas supply is abundant, reliable, economical, and available from many suppliers. The state's unique geology and geography combine to provide some of North America's most abundant and economical natural gas.

Water Resources

Michigan is blessed by vast supplies of fresh surface waters and bordered by four of five Great Lakes: Michigan, Superior, Huron and Erie, collectively the largest source of fresh water by surface area and volume. These “inland seas” provide: drinking water for our residents, clean water as an input and product for numerous industries, recreational opportunities, habitat for fish and wildlife, freshwater for a vibrant commercial and recreational fishery, and transportation byways for a significant shipping industry. Our water withdrawal system offers businesses confidence that the water they need will be available.

View this article by Michigan Economic Development Corporation for more information on these utility choices.

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