Utilities Costs for Small Businesses in Michigan

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January 17, 2018

Part of a business’s overhead, utilities costs include water, sewage, trash service, telecommunications, electricity and other utilities that are required to run a small business. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly commercial electricity bill in Michigan is $641.50, and this figure doesn’t even account for other monthly business expenses. Fortunately, there are ways for your small business to cut back on overhead by reducing utilities costs through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s business savings programs. Contact us to learn more.

Small Business Utility, Lighting and Telecom Savings

Is your business spending too much on electricity, natural gas, water/sewer, waste removal, voice and data, cellular and Internet access? The Michigan Chamber can help. We offer two programs for small businesses – the Utility & Telecom Billing Analysis program and LED Lighting program.

With our no-obligation billing analysis, we will thoroughly evaluate your utility billing to identify areas for utilities cost savings. Besides offering significant financial recovery on past overcharges, we’ll seek opportunities for savings going forward with no upfront fees.

For long-term energy savings, the Michigan Chamber also offers an LED Lighting program to save on maintenance time and cost, as well as help reduce your monthly electric bill. Our team will design a customized plan for your small business, assisting you along the way to discover the best pricing, efficiency, rebates and warranties.

Reach Out to the Michigan Chamber

If you’re ready to cut down on your monthly utility costs, call the Michigan Chamber of Commerce at 517-371-2100 or toll-free at 800-748-0266. All we need from you to conduct a no-risk audit is one month of utility bills for your small business.

The Michigan Chamber’s LED Lighting program is a practical, long-term solution to reduce your facility electric bills, save on maintenance time and cost, and make a positive imprint on the environment.

The Michigan Chamber’s Utility & Telecom Savings program can help you to identify other ways to save money on your utility and telecommunications bills. Through our program, we are able to perform a thorough analysis of your utility billing, leading to past financial recovery and ongoing monthly savings.