Using Technology for Instant Customer Service

May 13, 2016

As the Fintech (Financial Technology) industry grows, it has become apparent that it is no longer just a financial transaction, but a lifestyle that they must support.

Consumers and businesses expect instant results when it comes to transactions. Businesses no longer have to be tied to a computer and receipt printer at a counter, but rather can assist customers wherever they are using a mobile phone and an app to process transactions and send an instant receipt via email.

60 Minutes featured a special on May 1, 2016 about the transition from banks to apps that provide instant results. According to Leslie Stahl, “It could mean trouble with millennials willing to ditch brand-name companies for new apps on their phone”.

As an industry expert, Patrick Heraghty with CardConnect knows merchants want real-time reporting. Providing data, receipts, transactions, refunds and the ability to run a transaction through your phone are just a few of the options FinTech companies offer.  

Sources: Stahl, L. (Writer). (2016, May 1). Fintech: Shaking up the Financial Industry [Television series episode]. In Fintech: Shaking up the Financial Industry. CBS.

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