Tuition Assistance

January 27, 2015

Tuition assistance is an employer-provided employee benefit that is a win-win for your workplace. In a tuition assistance program, an employer pays all or part of an employee's cost to attend college or university classes. Tuition assistance helps employers build employee loyalty and longevity. Tuition assistance is an employee retention tool.

Tuition assistance enables employees to continue to expand their knowledge and skills while working. Employee continuing development is definitely a plus for the employer, too. Consequently, many employers, who offer a tuition assistance program, pay the full cost of the employee's tuition, lab fees, and books.

In most cases, employers cap the amount of tuition assistance available for employees. Employers either set a limit in terms of dollars available per employee per year or they establish the number of classes they will pay for per year per employee through tuition assistance.

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Northwood University Partnership:
The Michigan Chamber has partnered with Northwood University to help educate future business leaders on Michigan’s business climate. This two-fold partnership offers a $1,000 scholarship for eligible Northwood University students and a free student membership to all enrolled Northwood students. View the Northwood University Partnership webpage for more information.