Wages, Overtime & Payroll Among Top Legal HR Concerns Facing Michigan Businesses

February 7, 2018

Wage and hour, overtime and payroll issues comprise the number one legal concern facing employers, according to findings compiled by the Workplace Law Group at Bodman, LLP, Detroit. Bodman manages the Michigan Chamber's Labor Law Hotline, launched exclusively for Chamber members in 1997. Attorneys at Bodman field inquiries from Chamber members and provide instant access to information needed to protect businesses and comply with federal and state labor and employment laws. 

The subject matter of the calls is tracked to identify workplace trends and provide insight into the issues employers are facing in the workplace.  

Here is a rundown from Bodman of the top 10 legal concerns faced by employers in 2017:  

  1. Wage and hour, overtime and payroll issues.
  2. Application of the ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Law.
  3. Discipline and termination. 
  4. Creation and administration of employment policies, handbooks and application of fringe benefit programs.
  5. Pre-employment screening, interviewing and hiring.
  6. Drugs, alcohol and substance abuse testing.
  7. Privacy, surveillance, right to review personnel file and lay-offs, closing and unemployment.
  8. I-9 audit and document completion.
  9. Company obligation to pay for employee training.
  10. Responding to employee garnishments.

Bodman attorneys Maureen Rouse-Ayoub and Aaron Graves were among the presenters at the Michigan Chamber's 2018 Employment Law Update seminar.