Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Background Checks

April 5, 2016

At our offices we are always amazed when we get a new client who tells us they have never done any background checks. Certainly, we value their business and trust in us, but we know that any business is at risk when they are clueless regarding the people they are employing.

What will background checks do for you?

  • You are taking steps to lower the risks that are common for most businesses: theft, workplace violence, drug use/sales, sexual harassment, and other concerns.  PLUS, you are confirming the claimed work experience, education, and skills of your applicants AND ensuring, through criminal, driving, and other public record checks that you are hiring a safe and appropriate employee.
  • Realize a reduction in turnover and related employment costs, such as those for recruiting, training, worker’s comp, and health/property/auto/liability insurance.
  • Like informing applicants about a drug testing policy, background screening can work as a deterrent to applicants who would not be welcomed on the workforce.  How many hours every year does your HR team waste dealing with applicants who should have never even completed an application to begin with?
  • Provides a direct ‘employee benefit’ when new employees know their coworkers have been screened, resulting in a safer and more pleasant work environment.
  • Sends a positive message to your customers and the community.

Contributed by Steven J. Austin of LABORCHEX.

Through the Michigan Chamber partnership with LABORCHEX, members get discounted pricing to employment background screening services. To learn more, please email Kym Lewis or call him at 1-800-880-0366.