Thriving Michigan

Executive Program

Thriving Michigan is a leadership program to train participating executives in the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism and related concepts.

Conscious Capitalism asserts that businesses perform best when their leadership is highly competent in four mutually reinforcing disciplines:

  1. Higher Purpose – Focusing on and demonstrating a profound commitment to a purpose beyond profit or survival is a powerful way to recruit, retain and engage, employees, customers, and other stakeholders critical to the success of the company.
  2. Stakeholder Orientation – All organizations have a set of stakeholders without which they could not function. Creating alignment between the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, communities, the environment and financiers, and rejecting trade-off thinking, produces far-superior results. 
  3. Conscious Culture – Beyond creating a great place to work, managers who recognize the profound duty to care for their employees like family, and send people home at the end of the day who are happy and fulfilled, earn the discretionary effort of their people, and multiply the capacity of their teams.
  4. Conscious Leadership – A leaders’ personal development sets the cap for an organization. Unless leaders proactively seek out opportunities to grow, and continually raise that cap, the organization will stagnate, and their best people will hit that cap and either exit, or worse, settle and stay.

Empirical research has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach, but many outdated management theories are still business-as-usual for many companies.

Program Design

The Executive Program is designed for senior managers and executive leaders of Michigan companies. It takes place over 6 two-day sessions that occur once each month from October 2016, thru March 2017.  

Each session is held in a different part of Michigan and includes a mix of lecture, discussion, practitioner panels and a tour of a company that is, at least in part, a case study in Conscious Capitalism. The Executive Program is limited to 30 people and will be an excellent chance to build relationships with fellow executives from across the state.

The Executive Program will follow the following schedule:

Oct. 24-25 Lansing Area
Nov. 16-17 Grand Rapids Area
Dec. 8-9 Detroit Area
Jan. 11-12 Traverse City Area
Feb. 9-10 Saginaw Area
Mar. 9-10 Kalamazoo Area


In addition to attending each of the monthly sessions, the program requires participants to read several books and other assigned materials.

The tuition for the program is $5,500 per participant and does not include travel and lodging expenses. Full advance payment is required for registration, unless other arrangements have been made. Registration is first come-first served.