Three Reasons Businesses Should Conduct a Utility Bill Audit

October 21, 2015

Most utilities consider billing accuracy the responsibility of the customer, so being confident your accounts are on the best rate and billing correctly is good business practice.

There are a number of reasons to conduct a Utility Bill Audit, including these top three:

  1. There is always a chance there is something billing incorrectly.  
    The larger utility companies are processing hundreds of thousands of invoices each month. There is always the possibility of an error on any aspect of the bill; it could be on the meter read, the meter constant, the rate, the surcharge, the cost per KW, the cost per Off Peak kWh, the cost per On Peak kWhm, etc. A Utility Bill Audit will be able to identify which of these, if any, apply.
  2. The bills are often difficult to read.  
    Bills are a minefield of confusing terms, jargon and numbers. Making sense of them takes time, patience and expertise, which is present when you contract a Utility Bill Audit.
  3. The rules, regulations and tariffs can be complex and several pages long.
    Two of Michigan’s largest utilities have rate books of nearly 250 pages. A Utility Bill Audit will verify whether or not invoices are being billed correctly based on relevant rules, regulations and tariffs of the vendor(s) being used.

Submitted by Michael J. Harrington, Owner, Tenurgy

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