Tax Tribunal Reform Legislation Goes from Good to Bad to Good Again

June 27, 2017

Legislation that started out as a meaningful improvement to the State Tax Tribunal took a dramatic turn for the worse in the House Tax Policy Committee last month, switching the Michigan Chamber’s position from support to oppose. Working with House leadership, we are pleased to report that House Bill 4412 has been restored to its original intent and we once again support this important legislation. 

As previously reported, HB 4412 was originally intended to reform the Michigan Tax Tribunal to make it a more professional, consistent and proficient body. Unfortunately, last month, the House Tax Committee adopted an amendment to the bill requiring taxpayers to submit an independent assessment of their property, along with a petition, in order to go before the Michigan Tax Tribunal to protest their property taxes. The Chamber voiced strong opposition to this measure because it would drastically impact how property evaluations are handled with the goal of increasing property tax revenues for local governments. 

The Michigan Chamber will work tirelessly to fight any attempt to undermine the Michigan's well-established property evaluation methods currently in place. For more information, contact Dan Papineau at or (517) 371-7669.