Tax Compliance Automation

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Sales tax management is one of the most common pain points for business owners and online merchants. And, now, it has become even more painful.

With the United States Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, states all across America can now force Michigan businesses to withhold sales tax on items they sell to out of state customers. With almost 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States, compliance will be extremely difficult.

The Michigan Chamber has partnered with a trusted firm to help businesses – big and small – navigate rapidly changing rates and rules utilizing advanced tax software that integrates with your existing business applications. We can streamline the entire process for you by automating sales and tax calculation, filing, and paying your returns.

Several Options Designed to Meet Your Needs

Tax Calculations
Dynamically delivers sales tax calculations to your shopping cart or invoicing system and aggregates your transaction data to calculate what you owe.

Tax Returns
A filing service to prepare and file your returns. If you choose, we can even remit payments for you.

Tax Document Management
Manages tax documents in the cloud for tidy, audit-ready records.

Nexus Analysis Study
Knowing where to collect sales tax is critical. A thorough analysis of your sales activity will identify the states where you have nexus to help you solve the compliance puzzle.

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