Talk Show Hosts Tap Chamber for Business Perspective on Auto Insurance Reform, Minimum Wage Increase

September 18, 2017

Last week, Michigan Chamber Lobbyist, Wendy Block, discussed the need for auto insurance reform and the dangers of the 2018 ballot proposal to increase Michigan's minimum wage in two radio interviews.

In a live interview with Nolan Finley, host of The Nolan Finley Show on 910AM Detroit, Wendy discussed the Chamber's strong opposition to any further increase the state's minimum wage. The interview was streamed on YouTube and may be accessed here. (Note:The interview begins at 1:39:15.)

In a live interview with Steve Gruber, host of The Steve Gruber Show on the Michigan Talk Network, Wendy discussed the Chamber's support of efforts to drive down Michigan's exorbitant auto insurance rates. Listen now.