Personal Property Tax Ballot Question Formally Designated as Proposal 1

It's official! The personal property tax reform ballot question will appear on the August 5th ballot as Proposal 1. The Michigan Chamber is strongly supportive of reducing and eliminating this uncompetitive tax on business and machinery. To help spread the word, and educate voters about the importance of voting "Yes" on this proposal, the Michigan Chamber has joined a diverse coalition - Michigan Citizens for Strong & Safe Communities.

Basic Concept of Michigan Unemployment Tax Regulations

Employers fund the “unemployment system” by paying Federal and State unemployment payroll tax. Federal tax provides the operating and administrative funds for each respective state agency. Federal guidelines set minimal benefit standards and maintain oversight of each individual state unemployment program. In each state of business, an employer maintains a separate and specific tax account. They pay monies into this account in the form of taxes. Former employees, or claimants, draw monies out of this account in the form of unemployment benefits.

Michigan Chamber Applauds Governor Snyder's Support, Bi-Partisan Effort to Reform Business PPT

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today commended the Snyder Administration and both the State House and Michigan Senate for displaying overwhelming bi-partisan support to begin phase-out of Michigan’s burdensome business personal property tax while protecting local communities with full reimbursement revenue.

Michigan Chamber Applauds Gov. Snyder for Signing Important Taxpayer Protections

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today commended Governor Snyder for signing important reforms to Michigan’s officer liability tax laws. Senate Bill 337 (Brandenburg, R-11), now Public Act 3 of 2014, implements meaningful reforms that will protect taxpayers and improve the efficiency of tax auditing and refund approvals.   

Michigan Chamber Joins Coalition to Educate the Public About the Benefits of Passing the PPT Ballot Proposal in August 2014

The Michigan Chamber has joined the Michigan Citizens for Strong & Safe Communities to help educate the public about the benefits of passing the August 5, 2014 ballot question to fully implement personal property tax relief and protect Michigan's communities with a more stable revenue stream. Please visit the following links to learn more about this diverse coalition effort.

Executive Summary

Michigan Chamber Applauds Legislature for Bi-Partisan Unanimous Passage of Taxpayer Protections

(Friday, Dec. 13, 2013) - The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today commended the Michigan House and Senate for their leadership in standing up for individuals and taxpayers who have been unfairly assessed taxes by the State of Michigan. Senate Bill 64 (Brandenburg, R-11) passed with unanimous, bi-partisan support and is now headed to Governor Snyder.