Tax Policy & Finance

Financing the Sale of Your Business – Part II

Last time we discussed the fact that since the Great Recession, commercial banks have become asset-based lenders. This is a negative development to the business seller since most business sales require a buyer to pay a premium over asset value. Sellers correctly expect to be compensated in the purchase price for goodwill, also referred to as enterprise value and unflatteringly as blue sky or air ball.

HIPAA & COBRA: Three Action Items that may help with ACA Compliance

With all of the hullabaloo of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it can be easy to forget about HIPAA and COBRA. With recent changes, more enforcement and larger penalties, letting ACA eclipse HIPAA and COBRA can be a costly mistake to make. After years of experience, people often forget how important it is to remain in compliance with HIPAA and COBRA and that the same simple steps may also make ACA compliance easier and more efficient.

One of the Many Changes in Tax Administration: Liability of Successor Businesses

The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2014 have resulted in a number of changes in tax administration. One of the many areas of change is liability for taxes of successor businesses. If your company purchases all the assets of another business, it may be held liable for the unpaid taxes of the predecessor corporation. However, until February of this year, the prior corporate officers were also liable for unpaid taxes.