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Preventing Employee Theft

Worried business people

Historical studies of employee theft suggest a general “10-10-80” rule of thumb. This proposes that 10% of employees will never steal, 10% will always steal, and 80% could go either way depending on circumstances and opportunity.

While the culture and example set at any company will influence the 80% when facing a decision, there are also effective theft-prevention measures to use that go beyond principles:

A Successful Business Sale to a “T”: Trust and Transparency

While there are few givens in business transactions, here is one: the presumed buyer of your business will not know as much about your business at closing (or even for months thereafter) as you – the owner-seller – know right now. This means that the successful business buyer is taking a real leap of faith when he buys your business. If there is even a smidgen of distrust of the seller, most business buyers will get cold feet well before the closing table and will walk away from the purchase.

Wisely Choosing Professionals to Help with the Sale of Your Business

So you are in the process of or planning on selling your business. You will need legal help on document preparation and tax advice on deal structure. What’s the big deal, right? You have been with the same CPA and used the same attorney for decades. They know you and look forward to helping you with the transition. Not so fast…