Protect Your Customers from Credit Card Data Hackers

Hand swiping credit card

Do you think twice about your credit card data not being secured when you’re out to eat? 

Noodles and Company diners are now suffering the effects caused by a breach between January 31st and June 2nd of this year.  Diners’ data at 400 locations have ended up in the hands of hackers causing what could be a headache for anyone who visited one of those locations.  Hackers used malware to gain access to credit card data during the four-month timeframe. 

Checking Social Media of Job Applicants

You hear and read stories about companies that require job applicants to reveal their social media accounts, including passwords. These companies believe that by viewing an applicant’s social media activity they can get a better handle on his or her ability to be a productive employee.

Honestly, your background screening company shouldn’t have any reason to provide social media checks. The reasons why are very basic, and should make you think about this potentially risky practice.

Background Check Risks-Beware!

There seem to be a growing number of laws and individual state/county/city restrictions being placed on employers who want to build safe and reliable workforces via a program of background checks.  On top of this, employers are being sued left and right because they aren’t conducting background checks in compliance with federal and local laws.

Here are 3 very important items to keep in mind: