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Export Readiness Assessment

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Take this twenty-question quiz developed by the MSU Broad College of Michigan International Business Center and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to evaluate your company's export readiness.

The assessment consists of 5 separate dimensions and each dimension is scored in 4 areas, for a total of 20 questions. Your score along each dimension as well as overall is explained at the end of the assessment.

Selling Your Business: When & How Do You Tell Employees?


Whether you are currently in the middle of a deal to sell your business or just beginning to think about the process, at some point you will have to inform your employees about the intended transition of ownership. This is true whether you have 100 (or more) employees or just a handful.

A clear, undesirable occurrence is for your employees to learn of an intended sale from company insiders (not you) or, worse, rumors in the office, plant or on the street. News of a possible sale must come from you directly, which is why deal confidentiality is so crucial.

How to Complete a Certificate of Origin

Completing a Certificate of Origin can be a daunting task the first time around. The TradeCert premium export documentation system – with whom the Michigan Chamber has partnered – has been assisting thousands of exporters worldwide for over a decade with their certificate of origin requirements. We’re here at all stages of your certificate of origin process, helping to ensure that this process is as seamless as possible.

Should You Pay For Employee Cell Phones?

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Investing in business technology is often a smart move, but should employee cell phone plans be a part of it? Modern service businesses rely heavily on mobile technology for dispatching, invoicing, and communication, but there’s a difference between buying a few tablets and giving your employees something they take home at the end of the day. If you’re looking to invest in your workforce or change how your employees use technology in the field, this guide is for you.

Basics of Job Applications, Interviewing & Background Checks

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Here are some general tips to help you understand some of the basics about job applications, interviewing, and background checks. The goal is to hire the best people and to minimize risks. By no means does the following cover everything you need to know, but this will get you thinking and possibly making some necessary adjustments.