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3 Steps when your Computer System has Serious Security Flaws

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Your first day of work for a new employer or in a new position can be exciting, terrifying, and more than a little overwhelming. In Information Technology, there are few things that amplify the feeling of being overwhelmed as much as inheriting an IT infrastructure and recognizing major gaps in security. If these are the problems you can see, what lies under the surface? What do you triage? What do you roadmap? How do you explain the situation to a superior without laying blame at the feet of your predecessor or new coworkers?

What Does Interchange Optimization Really Mean?

We are often asked what Interchange Optimization really means and the impact it has on a company’s bottom line. The answer is complex, but at its core, Interchange Optimization is based on industry-specific program requirements that were created by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX). 

Hiring in a Mobile, High-Tech Society

For many, life was a lot simpler decades ago. Granted, the advancements in technology and medicine didn’t seem to come as quickly as they do now. And we probably all wonder how we ever lived without cell phones.  But the slower pace is something people these days probably wouldn’t mind experiencing every now and then.

Preventing Employee Theft

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Historical studies of employee theft suggest a general “10-10-80” rule of thumb. This proposes that 10% of employees will never steal, 10% will always steal, and 80% could go either way depending on circumstances and opportunity.

While the culture and example set at any company will influence the 80% when facing a decision, there are also effective theft-prevention measures to use that go beyond principles: